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Durable folding umbrella

Umbrella with a tough structure that withstands wind speeds of 15 m / s and is durable, hard to break, and strong winds. It is a folding umbrella with a structure that can be easily returned to its original state even if the umbrella is overturned by strong winds.

Folding umbrella that withstands wind speed 15m / s

If you are going to design a strong umbrella frame, you must select a hard and thick material, which inevitably increases the product weight. In "Toughness Mini", we aim to create a structure that withstands strong wind without increasing the weight of the product, and develop products based on the idea of "making the wind". In other words, the umbrella frame is made flexible according to the wind to realize a non-breakable structure.

The parent bone does not use metal

Normally, folding umbrellas use metal such as aluminum to reduce the product weight. However, aluminum used for umbrellas has weak strength, and if exposed to strong winds, it will be damaged if it bends or breaks bones. In order to "make the wind", it is required to be as flexible as bamboo, and by reviewing the conventional aluminum material and adopting a reinforced plastic material, a flexible frame against strong wind was created.

Rib to be flexible
Rib to be flexible

Even if it is overturned

Umbrellas can be damaged by strong winds and may break. "

The Toughness Mini has a structure in which the bone is easily restored by using a reinforced plastic material. In addition, it has excellent durability, and it has been repeatedly inspected 100 times by putting it in the wind and then returning it, but there is no damage or deformation.

Even if your umbrella is upside down ...
Even if your umbrella is upside down ...
Pull back the runner and return
Pull back the runner and return

Tough structure that can not be defeated by strong winds

It is not only reinforced plastic materials that are strong. It is a device that is hard to break everywhere.

Rivet-less joint system

Folding umbrellas are usually structured to bend in three steps, but metal rivets are used for the bending connection. Metal rivets are not easily broken, but they will still bend and break under load. In particular, momentary winds such as gusts can cause a large load on rivets. "Toughness Mini" eliminates the rivets that cause failure, and the joint part is a built-in integral type of reinforced plastic frame.

Rivet-less joint system
Rivet-less joint system
With conventional rivets
With conventional rivets

Dodecagon shaft

The "Toughness Mini" shaft has a dodecagon shape (12-sided), and is hard to break.

* Conducted a bending strength test of the shaft which is not usually a folding umbrella. A 1.5 kg weight test was carried out for 1 minute, but the shaft was curved but did not break or break.

Push pull runner

The part that slides when opening and closing the umbrella is called a runner, but the "Toughness Mini" runner does not require button operation. Just slide the runner when opening and closing the umbrella.

Toughness Mini
Toughness Mini
General runner
General runner

A runner that fits on the shaft

The shaft of a common folding umbrella is thicker at the handle and thinner at the top. "Toughness Mini"

Is the opposite structure, the top is thicker. When the upper part is thick, the runner and the shaft fit, and it becomes a structure that is hard to attach to strong wind.

We firmly support the fabric with 8 ribs

"Toughness Mini" has 8 ribs
"Toughness Mini" has 8 ribs
Common folding umbrella has six ribs
Common folding umbrella has six ribs

A common folding umbrella has six ribs, but the toughness mini has eight ribs. It may feel like a little difference, but it will make the umbrella frame hard to stick because it will support the fabric firmly if there are a large number of ribs.

Nano Technology Strong Water Repellent, Continuous Processing "Easy-Dry"

The "Toughness Mini" fabric is coated with "Easy-Dry", which has a strong water-repellent finish. By modifying the water repellent into fine particles of nano class, the water repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber and becomes difficult to peel off.

Let's get rid of umbrella waste

Umbrella is a product that is difficult to disassemble and recycle because the structure is complex and various materials are used. Broken umbrellas follow the consequences of dumping, incineration and landfilling in public places. Disposal is, of course, a very annoying act, and incineration generates carbon dioxide. There is also a limit to landfill disposal, and you should still reduce umbrella waste. We think that we can contribute to the environment by using a durable umbrella rather than an umbrella that is quickly broken and turned into garbage.

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