Pentagon 72

Ultra light umbrella

The combination of carbon fiber frame and 15 denier fabric achieves a lightness of 72 grams.

In addition, it is wind resistance structure that can withstand wind speed up to 15m / s, and ultra light umbrella which balanced lightness and robustness.


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72 grams of the world's lightest class

With the goal of developing an umbrella of 80 grams or less, we have reviewed the parts used from scratch.

The umbrella fabric is woven with 15 deniers of the same thickness as the yarn used for stocking, and the umbrella frame is made lighter by combining it with a light and durable frame of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Light but strong

The weight of conventional umbrellas reduces their strength, and making them durable increases their weight.

The Pentagon 72 is not only light, but also strong and durable.

Wind resistance test is repeated and it has a durable frame structure that can withstand wind speeds up to 15 m / s.

Nano technology strong water repellent persistent processing "Easy-Dry"

"Easy-Dry" is a long-lasting water-repellent coating

By modifying the water repellent into fine particles of nano class, the water repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber and becomes difficult to peel off.

Color variations

“Small and lightweight, easy to carry in a bag”

"Challenge to the limits of lightness and durability!"

"Less than half the lightness of the general"




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