Slim automatic opening and closing umbrella

Umbrella opens and closes with one touch. Even weak ones can operate smoothly.

Color variations

Easy operation even for people with weak power

We reviewed the spring structure built into the shaft of the automatic opening / closing umbrella. We reduced the power to store the shaft by about 45% compared to our company, and now we can operate smoothly even if the power is weak.

<Test method> Testing of the force applied when storing the shaft is conducted at a third party inspection organization. Using a constant-speed extension tester, the maximum load (unit: Newton) was measured when pushing 250 mm from the handle side to the stone side with the automatic retractable umbrella closed and the shaft extended.

Cleared 500 open / close endurance tests

Although it is an automatic opening and closing umbrella that is easily broken due to its complicated structure, Smooth Automatic has cleared 500 switching endurance tests. Third-party inspection organizations have demonstrated that they can be used without any problems even after endurance testing with 500 cycles of opening and closing at a rate of 6 times per minute.

Lightweight and slim

We applied the parachute cloth manufacturing method to the umbrella fabric, and woven it with 15 denier of the same thickness as the yarn used for stocking. The overall weight is lightened by using 15 denier fabric, and it becomes slim when folded by thin fabric.

* The smaller the number, the thinner the denier, and the average hair thickness of Japanese hair is said to be 35 denier.

Nano Technology Strong Water Repellent, Continuous Processing "Easy-Dry"

The long-lasting coating is "Easy-Dry". By modifying the water repellent into fine particles of nano class, the water repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber and becomes difficult to peel off.

Check with video

Since it does not require force to extend and contract the shaft than conventional automatic opening and closing umbrellas, it can be operated easily.

Press the built-in button on the handle to open it with one touch.

When the button is pressed from the open state, the umbrella closes. The shaft is not automatically expanded and contracted, but stored manually.

Color variations




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