Ultra-lightweight umbrella using 100% shading fabric

Achieve a lightness of 108 grams by combining a 100% shaded fabric and a carbon fiber frame.

In addition, it is a wind resistant structure that can withstand wind speeds up to 15 m / s, and it is a completely shaded umbrella that combines lightness and durability.

Super lightweight folding umbrella

Automatic umbrella

The world's lightest class shaded umbrella

There are more people who carry parasols in the season when UV rays become stronger, but the parasols that carry are high in shading rate, and products that are light and durable are required.

Because the fabric gets thicker as the light blocking rate gets higher, the umbrella frame that supports the fabric also needs to be strong, and the disadvantage is that it will be heavier overall.

In particular, the “shade 100%” parasol was thick and not suitable for a folding umbrella that is easy to carry.

Amvel Inc. has developed the "HEAT BLOCK", which is a thin and light improvement of the fabric, while maintaining the 100% shading specification.

By making the fabric thin and light, it is also possible to reduce the weight of the umbrella bone, achieving a body weight of approximately 108 grams.

It is the lightest class weight in the world as a folding parasol using a 100% shaded fabric.

Use a 100% shaded fabric

"HEAT BLOCK" has a two-layer structure in which a light shielding film is bonded to the back of the fabric. This two-layer structure achieves 100% shading. As long as the fabric is not torn, its shading effect is semipermanent.


Regarding the light shielding performance, 100% of the light shielding has been confirmed by the inspection of the light shielding property by a third party inspection organization. The inspection method is a device that evaluates the light shielding property of curtains, etc., and is implemented in accordance with JIS-L-1055 A method (equivalent to 100,000lux illuminance summer sunlight).

[Caution] The inspection of the shading rate is performed only with the umbrella fabric. Inspection can not be performed on finished products that have been sewn. There are sewing parts in the finished product, and light may leak from seams and so on.

UV protection 99.9%

<Same day at the same time>

UV protection 91.7% fabric

Sunlight is transmitted by UV protection 91.7% fabric


100% shading fabric

100% shading fabric does not transmit sunlight


It has been confirmed that UV shielding rate is 99.9% (maximum value) by UV measurement inspection by a third party inspection organization. The measurement wavelength is 280mm-400mm, using a band pass filter.

Very thin and light fabric

The fabric could be improved thin and light by weaving with thin thread.The thickness of the yarn used in general umbrellas is 75 denier, but the fabric used for "HEAT BLOCK" is 15 denier, the same level as the thinness of the yarn used in stockings.

Carbon fiber lightweight frame

Common folding umbrella rib 6
Common folding umbrella rib 6
"HEAT BLOCK" is lighter by setting 5 ribs
"HEAT BLOCK" is lighter by setting 5 ribs

The umbrella frame combines light and durable carbon fiber and aluminum to achieve weight reduction.

Also, usually the rib is lighter by setting six to five.

Strong frame that is hard to break in the wind

The weight of conventional umbrellas has been reduced in strength, while those made more durable have been heavier.

"HEAT BLOCK" is designed not only for light but also for strength and durability, and has a durable frame structure that can withstand wind speeds up to 15 m / s.

【Notes】In the wind resistance test, the umbrella is loaded while gradually increasing the wind speed.

When you open the umbrella, you may not be able to withstand the sudden load such as the operation.

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Color Variations


What is the difference between UV protection parasol and "HEAT BLOCK"?

Recently, there are a lot of products that are displayed as "UV protection" and "anti-UV", but 100% shading parasol is fundamentally different. 100% shading is a fabric that blocks sunlight. UV protection blocks ultraviolet light, but it transmits sunlight.

What is the difference between a competitor's 100% shaded umbrella and the "HEAT BLOCK"?

If it is 100% light blocking, the light blocking effect and UV cut are the same level. "HEAT BLOCK" is the world's lightest class 100% shaded parasol with a thinner fabric and lighter frames compared to other companies' products.

Why is the back of the fabric black? Is there no brighter color?

Even bright colors can be manufactured. However, ultraviolet rays are reflected from the ground. If the inside of the umbrella is a bright color, the ultraviolet rays reflected from the ground will be reflected inside the umbrella, and the ultraviolet rays will be applied to the face and neck. Dark color such as black absorbs UV rays, so UV rays are less likely to be reflected inside the umbrella.

Can you trust the quality of the umbrella fabric?

Umbrella fabric is manufactured in a leading factory in Taiwan. A manufacturer with a high market share in water-repellent and waterproof fabrics, and also manufactures fabrics for sports companies in the US and Europe that are strict not only in terms of quality but also in terms of manufacturing standards and environmental standards. You are In addition, other companies' products of 100% shading parasol are often made of cloth made in Japan, but "HEAT BLOCK" realizes the commercialization with reduced cost by using cloth made in Taiwan. .

Does the shading effect of "HEAT BLOCK" continue?

The shading effect is semi-permanent. A common parasol is emitting UV effect by coating a UV absorber on the surface of the fabric. Alternatively, there is also a method of producing a light shielding effect and UV protection effect by applying a polyurethane coating on the back of the fabric. Processing that depends on the above-mentioned coating may cause the coating to peel off and deteriorate due to aging and dirt on the fabric. Since "HEAT BLOCK" is manufactured by bonding a light shielding film, the light shielding effect is semipermanent unless the material is broken.

Can I use it on a rainy day?

It can be used without problems as an umbrella. The fabric surface is treated with a water repellent coating, so it can be used in the same way as using a regular umbrella.

Is there a heat shielding effect?

Although there is a heat shielding effect compared with a normal UV protection parasol, “Insulating effect” is not displayed because inspection methods and judgment criteria are not easy to understand for general persons. There is also a product that exaggerates the heat shielding effect with other companies' products, saying "7 to 10 degrees, it gets cool", but in fact the figures are greatly influenced by conditions such as humidity, wind, places, etc. Because the temperature of the atmosphere does not change, the expression "It's getting cool" is clearly reserved.

Are there any items with decorations such as lace or embroidery?

Decorations such as lace, embroidery and frills leave holes in the fabric, so the decoration is kept. I am conscious of product making stuck to 100% shading.