Super water repellent umbrella

An umbrella with a ball of water that rains like a ball and rolls off. If you lightly shake 2-3 times when the umbrella is closed, almost no water droplets remain. When taking a crowded train, entering a store, putting an umbrella in the bag, the “colont®” will release you from unpleasant water droplets.

Color variations

Out of water, super water repellent umbrella

The "colont®" eliminates dissatisfaction with "water loss", such as loss of water repellency immediately, and problems with wetting and processing after use. The water drops round like a ball.

Super water repellant lasts longer

The "colont®" not only has a great drainage effect, but it has a long lasting effect. A general umbrella is likely to peel off the water repellant, so it will soon run out of water. Since "colont®" uses a nanotech water repellent agent, it penetrates deep into the fiber, making it difficult to peel off, and the super water repellent effect lasts for a long time.

High water resistance to heavy rain

The "colont︎" has a waterproofness of 1000 mm. Since the minimum standard of waterproofness of a general umbrella is 250 mm, "colont︎" has 3 to 4 times the waterproof performance and can withstand heavy rain.

※ The degree of waterproofness is measured with a non-seam fabric. The waterproofness of the finished sewing part is not 1000 mm.

"Colont" is also effective for UV protection, UV protection is 99.9%.

Color Variation

"Good lasting rain umbrella"

"If so, it can be used for a long time"

"The rain drops fall with the colon"

"Soon water drops out"

"It is safe to have it on hand"